Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Foodmart database
Author masotti
Hi Roman,

On 31/05/2012 22:10, Roman Rokytskyy wrote:
> I used Pentaho Kettle (ETL tool) to transfer data from MySQL to
> Firebird. If I am not mistaken, the most hard part was to handle the
> case-sensitive column names in MySQL database.

I've done a refactoring of scripts from different sources and now I've
three scripts ( tables, data, indexes ) to rebuild database from within

I've removed all case sensitive names (except field "day") and renamed
table "position" (another reserved word) as EMP_POSITION.
Defined some DOMAINS, and converted all TRUE to 1 and FALSE to 0.

Seems that's all.
I'll test next week and report back.