Subject Re: AW: [Firebird-Java] jabird / Select / Update
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi Steffen,

If I remember correctly (need to check sources), that your SELECT will
be fetched first to the client completely, before you will be able to
perform any operation on result set (the SCROLL_INSENSITIVE flag should
instantiate a so-called cached result set, which means - "first cache
everything in memory, then allow operations on result set).

The only flag that does not perform result set caching is
FORWARD__ONLY, but I am not sure tthat it is compatible with the
UPDATABLE result set.

The approach with one statement for SELECT (no flags will mean
FORWARD_ONLY and READ_ONLY) and one statement for updates is better -
in that case you are in control of everything. Just remember to
switch-off the auto-commit mode.