Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: GDS Exception. 335544721. Unable to complete network request to host
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 20-11-2012 16:35, hugo.larson wrote:
> I checked windows log and firebird.log.
> There is nothing there. The server seems fine.
> I'm running superserver.
> First I thought that it is a network problem but then I noticed the problems happens on localhost
> The stackstrace does not say any more than the message.
> See com.borland.dx.dataset.DataSetException error code: BASE+66
> com.borland.dx.dataset.DataSetException: GDS Exception. 335544721. Unable to complete network request to host "".
> Reason: Unable to complete network request to host "".
> at com.borland.dx.sql.dataset.Database.<unknown>(Unknown Source)
> at com.borland.dx.sql.dataset.o.a(Unknown Source)
> at com.borland.dx.sql.dataset.o.d(Unknown Source)
> at com.borland.dx.sql.dataset.o.f(Unknown Source)
> at com.borland.dx.sql.dataset.QueryProvider.e(Unknown Source)
> at com.borland.dx.sql.dataset.JdbcProvider.provideData(Unknown Source)
> at com.borland.dx.dataset.StorageDataSet.refresh(Unknown Source)
> at com.borland.dx.sql.dataset.QueryDataSet.refresh(QueryDataSet.class:0)
> at web.dxweb.MyQueryDataSet.refresh(
> at com.borland.dx.sql.dataset.QueryDataSet.executeQuery(QueryDataSet.class:0)

You don't have a stacktrace inside the Jaybird sources (eg as the cause
of this DataSetException?).

Is this consistently reproducible, or does it just occur occasionally?
If you can reproduce this consistently (or at least fairly regularly),
could you try it with Jaybird 2.2.1?

Mark Rotteveel