Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] ApacheMQ and Firebird
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I have installed Jaybird. Because I want to use ApacheMQ and Firebird
> together. ApacheMQ allows any JDBC connection for persistent storage.
> Has anyone else done this?

In the docs I see nothing that would prevent it from running.

One tip - if your messages will be smaller than 32K (minus size of
other columns), I would use an adapter that stores data in VARCHAR

public class FirebirdJDBCAdapter extends BytesJDBCAdapter {
public void setStatements(Statements statements) {

Reason is that fetching data from BLOB requires an additional roundtrip
to the database. If you cannot guarantee that payload will be smaller
than 32k, use BLOB adapter.

> By the way incredibly quiet in the group no messages for at least 4
> months

The last message in the group is dated by 28.07.2011... check your
email/subscription. :)