Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Firebird and Jan Borcher's SQL Developer tool
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 6-3-2011 0:00, certfb wrote:
> There is what appears to be a free, but closed source, tool for FB called SQL
> Designer (not to be confused with Oracle's tool of the same name).
> I am interested if anyone on this list has used this tool as it would be a good companion to FlameRobin for those of us without the budget to buy commercial tools like SQL Maestro, and what's more it runs on Linux.
> The snag is that it uses Jaybird and try what I may I cannot get it to connect. Mostly the problem is that it cannot find the right class.
> I can't find any forums or user groups for the tool online and the emails to the "contact us" just bounce back. I guess that it is no longer supported, but nonetheless I think it must basically work if only I can find the right configuration.
> The reason for posting here is in the hope that someone on this list is also interested in this tool or can solve Jaybird issues!

I haven't used this tool, and I currently don't have time to evaluate
this, but the website of this tool states that JDBC drivers are not
included, and need to be downloaded by the end-user:

You need to configure it to use that driver: (section
Configuring Database Drivers)


Mark Rotteveel