Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] WG: NBACKUP and system failures AND JAVA
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> A few minutes ago, I asked some questions about nbackup at the firebird
> support mailing list.
> If someone here can answer, I will be very happy, too.
> However, my major question on this list is, if jaybird can be used to
> - Lock a database (such as nbackup -L)
> - Unlock a database (such as nbackup -N)
> - Detect if a database is locked?
> Any hints are welcome.

Although I can't recall exactly, I had added some extensions in HEAD (I
guess it's still the forthcoming V2.2 release) in respect to exposing
the nbackup functionality via the Services API. I'm not sure if
locking/unlocking was part of that as well.

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