Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] How To Set AutoCommit OFF?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> 1. How do you set AutoCommit to False?

When you get your connection in your application, you set autocommit to
false. That is what JDBC specification says.

> 2. Why don't Firebird make their database set up standard?
> If they did, more people would use it...

Well, looks like we are doing it according to standard, since the JDBC
specification tells to give the connection with auto-commit set to true.
At some point we were the most JDBC compliant driver on the market (we
did not make any checks since then, though).

The setting you refer to is just a custom extension by Apache DBCP team
to "override" the specification to make broken applications work. Nobody
prevents you from using DBCP or C3P0 instead of FBWrappingDataSource -
it does not really matter whether you use driver-based DataSource
implementation or ours. It will matter when we talk about XADataSource
case, but as I understand, you don't need that.

And, AFAIK, you're the first one who needs that feature. Add a ticket to
the tracker and it will be implemented - that is easy thing to do.