Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: JayBird + Firebird on Android
Author Roman Rokytskyy
>> It would be nice if firebird could talk jsonp or some rest protocol
>> directly
>> Open http port , and then speak to the firebird directly
>> something like
> I happen to disagree. It leads to an extreme proliferation of various
> (error-prone or unsafe) ways to talk to a database, instead of a single
> well-tested interface. The solution already exists: build webservices
> specific to your application, handle the exact communication to and from
> the database in that webservice, you could replace the entire backend
> structure from flatfile to Firebird to Hadoop and back without having to
> change your client application.

While I 100% agree with your approach from the architectural POV, there
is at least one good reason to provide JSON interface to Firebird: many
JavaScript libraries are tuned to use JSON or XML access to underlying
DB directly. Giving them webservice might not be the best solution,
since it would require more handwritten code.

I have presented RESTful link between SmartClient/SmartGWT and Firebird
on Firebird Conference in Bremen.