Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] JayBird status
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi Mirco,

> I'm requested to lead a JavaEE 6 project using JBoss AS 6 and
> Firebird as a backend. Are the drivers feature complete or are there
> unimplemented ones?
> My boss want to be sure about any bump on the road, so I'm asking
> here prior to set up a trial environment myself and any help is
> really
> appreciated.
> Contributing the project is a viable option to ensure to reach the
> project goal.

Mark implemented JDBC 4.1 support (Java 7) and at the moment he is
working on the release notes. I do not expect any additional API changes
before release. There is one open ticket JDBC-192, which has to be
closed before release, but that's it.

Re. whether driver is feature complete... There are features in
Firebird that are not fully supported by the driver (e.g. optimized wire
protocol support), however they will not be part of the v2.2 release
anyway. So the task is rather to check whether everything you need is