Subject Re: JDBC driver for Firebird 2.5
Author shantanu_k06
> AFAIK, contrary to what the FAQ states, you will need to include the
> hostname in the URL if you want to connect using the Type 4 driver (full
> java driver), which is the default if you use jdbc:firebirdsql with
> specifying the driver type.
> I believe that if you connect using the Type 2 driver (native or
> embedded) then you will not need to specify the hostname.
> If you really want to use the native driver, then you need to load the
> DLL into Java, and you can use jdbc:firebirdsql:native:(rest of the JDBC
> URL) or jdbc:firebirdsql:embedded:(rest of the JDBC URL)
> > However in the entire FAQ there isn't a single example that doesn't provide the "host" information in the URL.
> As far as I can see the FAQ is incorrect at this point as the Type 4
> driver is the default and does require a hostname.

Turns out I am using the Type-4 JDBC driver, which needs the host info. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain.