Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Strange behavior, possible bug with aliases in jaybird OR firebird
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> 1. Is "as" optional? Is the code above even sql conformant?
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1. Yes. 'as' is optional on any aliasing I can think of.
2. 3. Couldn't tell from the JavaDocs for ResultSet, but in ResultSetMetaData, a
column can have both a ColumnLabel and a ColumnName; so if ResultSet.findColumn()
checks both (I have no idea), and alises causes them to be different (I haven't
checked, but it makes sense that one would be the original column name, and the
other the alias), then it's possible it could find a column under both 'b' and
'c'. (Hopefully it would search all aliases first, then go back through true
column names for anything it couldn't find?)