Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Install procedure for jdbc on windows vista
Author Michael Ludwig
Moegamat Alexander schrieb am 18.05.2010 um 20:45:33 (+0200):

> I am trying to use jaspers iReports 3.7.2 against my firebird
> database. I have downloaded the latest jdbc Jaybird-2.1.6JDK_1.6 ...
> I would like to know how to install this ...

You put it on the classpath. I don't know iReports, but I figure it
is something running inside an app server, in which case you have to
read up on how to configure your app server for using a particular
database driver. With Tomcat, for instance, for configuring a data
source, you have to put the driver in the "common loader".

Michael Ludwig