Subject Re: Jaybird deploy problem: ”No suitable driver”
Author lbhifi
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> Before I describe the layout, I would like to persue a different lead. I just tried to create a new database connection using JDevelopers tool for that, and when I test the connection I get the same "No suitable driver" error.

Made it work by using a older version of jaybird, but still no luck with the deployed jar. I tried putting the jaybird jar in the same path as the deployed jar and adding ClassPath: jaybird-full-2.1.6.jar to the in the deployed jar, but then it throws a driver-not-found exception.

I then tried to go the jdbc-odbc bridge way, but the very same odbc dsn which works fine on my XP, will not work on the 2003 Server.

So far the only successful firebird connection made on the 2003 server, was with the Firebird iSQL tool.

I give up now :-(