Subject Re: Mac OSX
Author Walter
Thanks...I used the embedded version of Firebird to make my application easier to deploy (users have just to expand a zipped file which contains the correct folders and files needed, without having to install Firebird). On Firebird download page there are only Classic/SuperServer versions for Mac OS X. Can these be used to work in standalone mode ?

--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> > I have to port an application developed in Java (and using JayBird and embedded Firebird) from Windows to Mac OSX...I've found some documentation all around but, being a newbie with Mac world, I get a little bit confused and don't know how to put it to work. I need some sort of "step by step" guide, starting with the files that must be downloaded and installed...any help ?
> First issue that you will have, is the JNI wrapper for Jaybird on Mac OS
> X. We do not provide binaries for this platform and I have no idea
> whether the C++ code that we have there is compilable there.
> On the other hand, you could use standalone Firebird server (which
> exists for Mac OS X, AFAIK) and connect to the server using TCP. That
> might be the easier approach.
> Roman