Subject Re: INSERT...RETURNING error with embedded db
Author pcmilhouse
--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy" <roman@...> wrote:
> > Hi Roman, the only difference is at line 548 the new method
> > getStatementType(stmt); I tried to comment it but I have the same error
> > NoSuchMethodError.
> You mean you get this exception when using custom build of Jaybird from the
> Branch_2_1 branch or Jaybird_2_1_6 tag and jaybird21.dll?

I got the exception with both.

> > Any ideas? When do you think x64 bit support will be ready?
> Over the weekend I installed and configured Visual Studio on my computer, made
> first builds, got the same NoSuchMethodError, but had no time to dig deeper. But
> I hope this week I solve the issue.

Ok thanks... let me know as soon as you find the bug.
Any timing about x64 support?

> Roman