Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] How to install Firebird 1.5.x in Linux Ubuntu?
Author Francisco Souza
Thanks a lot for your help Rotteveel, I just subscribed.

--- On Thu, 1/21/10, Mark Rotteveel <Avalanche1979@...> wrote:

From: Mark Rotteveel <Avalanche1979@...>
Subject: Re: [Firebird-Java] How to install Firebird 1.5.x in Linux Ubuntu?
Date: Thursday, January 21, 2010, 11:59 AM


> Hi guys!!


> I need help to install Firebird 1.5.x (it must be this version because of

> old systems that cannot use the actual version) in Ubuntu 9.10


> I really dont know what to do and I expect someone from this group can

> help me on that, I really would appreciate very much.


> I have downloaded this file FirebirdCS-1. 5.5.4926- 0.i686.rpm and converted

> to FirebirdCS-1. 5.5.4926- 0.i686.deb, then I installed using the GDebi, but

> nothing happened, what should I do?

Hi Francisco,

You mailed this to the Firebird-Java group which focusses on using Firebird (and the Jaybird JDBC driver) with Java.

You probably will get more (and better) support at the Firebird-Support group. See http://www.firebird php?op=lists# fbsupport



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