Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Embedded DB backup
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I'm developing a software base on FirebirdDB (user can choose if server or embedded).
> I'm trying to backup DB. With server DB no problem, but with embedded I can't export nothing.
> Can anyone help me? Have I to set host and port also in embedded?

AFAIR, no.

> Is FBBackupManager("EMBEDDED") constructor right?


> Below the code:
> FBBackupManager fbbm = new FBBackupManager("EMBEDDED");
> fbbm.setBackupPath(backupFile.getAbsolutePath());
> fbbm.setDatabase(new File(dbFile).getAbsolutePath());
> fbbm.setUser(Services.settings.DBusernameAdmin);
> fbbm.setPassword(Services.settings.DBpasswordAdmin);
> fbbm.setVerbose(true);
> fbbm.setLogger(System.out);
> fbbm.backupDatabase();

That's how I would do myself :) Will check on my computer.