Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] JayBird and FireBird locations
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I really liked how some DB vendors put all their DLLs and Java classes in
> one JAR file. You can then put that file on the classpath and you are all
> set. Would it be possible to this with JayBird/Firebird?

I have no problem loading jaybird21.dll from JAR file - corresponding
code was already implemented, but there was no big need for it (code
simply extracts DLL from JAR into %TEMP% and loads the library). However
this does not solve your problem - jaybird21.dll has to load
fbembed.dll, which in turn loads other DLLs, that's where the issue with
pathes appear.

> If not, then why doesn't the following configuration work, is it a bug?
> 1. jaybird-full.jar and firebird.conf are on the application classpath

firebird.conf will not be loaded from classpath - it is the
configuration of Firebird loaded from fbembed.dll. It has nothing to do
with Java.

> 2. firebird.conf has RootDirectory set to point to the firebird installation
> directory

...and loads the rest of DLLs from there.

However, I think, the best option would be to "merge" (statically link)
the jaybirdXX.dll, fbembed.dll, icu*.dll and fbintl.dll into one library
and load this big library from Java. But that's completely different
project and, personally, I would estimate need for "Embedded Firebird
for Java" as very small.