Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] JayBird and FireBird locations
Author Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Alec Swan escreveu:
> Hi Roman,
> I confirmed that copying fbembed.dll, icudt30.dll, icuin30.dll and
> icuuc30.dll to the working/startup directory fixed the problem and allowed
> me to connect to Firebird via JayBird.
> I appreciate this solution, but ideally I would like to keep all Firebird
> libraries on one place in order to simplify the upgrade. I was hoping that
> just setting the RootDirectory in firebird.conf, putting RootDirectory path
> on java.library.path and adding firebird.conf to Java classpath would do the
> trick. Is there a reason why this is not working this way?
> How do other people configure Firebird and JayBird client environments?
If I understood you correctly, that will work with FB 2.5, which load
DLLs with alternate search path... Well, this also depends on a change I
submitted to Roman, to load the client with alternate search path too.

And you may also put the DLLs dir. in PATH.

Adriano dos Santos Fernandes