Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] java.library.path
Author Catalin Florean

I am using this url to connet from Tomcat to my local Windows Firebird server:

On my remote Linux Firebird server I am using this one:
but I have put in my path.

I am using Jaybird version 2.1.1 and Firebird 2.


On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 10:56 AM, Pruteanu
Dragos<dragospruteanu@...> wrote:
> I use Firebird 2.1.2 with Jaybird-2.1.6JDK_1.5
> I set no other connection properties than user and password.
> URL:
> jdbc:firebirdsql:local:C:\Program
> Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_1\examples\empbuild\EMPLOYEE.FDB
> The issue with local is strange, since is not user intuitive. Everybody
> knows localhost, and what I need is to connect to the database.
> I tell the driver that the target machine is localhost and I want to
> connect. There is no need for the user to understand how the connection
> works.
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> From: Mark Rotteveel <Avalanche1979@...>
> To:
> Sent: Thursday, August 6, 2009 10:38:37 AM
> Subject: Re: [Firebird-Java] java.library.path
> Pruteanu Dragos wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 1 year ago I had an issue by connecting to Firebird from Windows, using
>> URLClassLoader for loading the driver, from DbSchema.
>> You recomended me to check the URL, to be like
>> jdbc:firebirdsql: host: /path/to/ db.fdb
> What is the actual URL you are using.
>> With the latest Firebird version from website this error comes up again,
>> even if I use the correct URL:
> What version of Firebird and what version of Jaybird
>> java.sql.SQLExcepti on: java.lang.Unsatisfi edLinkError: no jaybird21 in
>> java.library. path
>> Also, strange is that the host has to be local. If I set localhost, I
>> receive a strange error (
>> org.firebirdsql. jdbc.FBSQLExcept ion: GDS Exception. 335544382. Invalid
>> clumplet buffer structure: buffer end before end of clumplet - clumplet too
>> long
>> Reason: Invalid clumplet buffer structure: buffer end before end of
>> clumplet - clumplet too long )
> If you specify 'local' you are not specifying a hostname, but
> instructing the driver to use the 'local' driver, which uses an external
> JNI library for the connection. Since you did not specify that external
> library on your classpath(? not sure, usually don't use JNI) or using
> -Djava.library. path=... the driver won't load.
> The error you get when you are using the pure Java driver, might have
> something to do with this : http://tracker. firebirdsql. org/browse/
> JDBC-101
> But otherwise you have to be more specific about the connection
> properties you use.
> --
> Mark Rotteveel
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