Subject Re: XAResourceRecovery
Author jason.cone
--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> I, personally, would use No. 1...
Okay, thanks.

Doing it that way, I'll be creating a new FBMC, rather than getting one from the pool. I guess I'll need to clean it up, too. So I register a ConnectionEventListener with it that calls FBMC.cleanup() and FBMC.destroy() if the connection is closed or an error occurred. Does that sound right?

When I create a new FBMC, I'm planning on getting the necessary CRI info from the FBMCF (i.e. getDatabaseParameterBuffer()). I'll also build the Subject with the username and password from the FBMCF.

Anything I'm taking the wrong tack with or overlooking?