Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Service name in GDS
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I suppose, it's some kind of self-check, it seems, inside JBird only "service_mgr" service
> used. But it is not explicit, and not logical for me. If I can suggest, my suggestion will
> be:
> 1. gds.iscServiceAttach( serviceName, handle, spb ) does not check for serviceName at all.
> Suppose it to be universal.
> 2. create method gds.iscServiceAttach( host, port, handle, spb ), which is mapped to
> gds.iscServiceAttach( String.format("%s:%d/%s", host, port, "service_mgr"), handle, spb )
> -- and this method should be used inside JBird.
> 3. I also noticed, that "service_mgr" string constant used at least twice in JBird sources,
> and both time assigned explicitly in method code -- like in example above. I suppose it
> will be better to extract it in some constant field like
> public static final String DEFAULT_SERVICE_NAME = "service_mgr";
> It makes code slightly less misterios :)

The issue is that nothing except this predefined "service_mgr" will be
accepted by Firebird. But your suggestions are also ok, so if you
prepare a patch against HEAD, I will apply it.