Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Using Firebird on Eclipse Ganymede Datatools
Author Mark Rotteveel
A new version of the Eclipse plugin is available on


First step integrating Roman Rokytskyy work.

* Used other (generic) UI for connection
* The full jdbc-URL must be used
* Connection now uses two 'virtual' schemas, SYSTEM and USER, to
separate system metadata (RDB$.. and MON$.. tables/views) from the user
* Sequences (generators) are now visible
* Table-like stored procedures are now grouped under stored procedures
* Constraints are now shown

* Untested
* Numeric fields are not shown correctly in the 'edit'-view
(context-menu on a table or view)
* Stored procedure code is not correct (body usually is correct,
but signature is wrong)
* Generated DDL does not contain escapes for use in ISQL
* DDL for sequence/generators cannot be shown yet
* Trigger code is not loaded
* Dependencies are not shown
* Some datatypes introduced in Firebird 2.1 might not work correctly
* The option 'Sample contents' (context menu on a table or view)
does not work


Mark Rotteveel wrote:
> A basic plugin for Firebird was already written by Brian Fitzpatrick of the Data Tools Platform project. After some changes, this very basic functionality now works. You can find the compiled version at
> I will be merging/adapting Roman's earlier code in the coming weeks and send out another mail when there is (significant) new functionality.
> Mark
>> Hi,
>> I've seen a number of posts dated back year 2007 about using Eclipse data
>> tools with Firebird and so far I haven't seen a solution that would allow
>> me to accomplish displaying the tables under schemas.
>> Maybe I'm just not searching hard enough but correct me if I'm wrong but
>> I'm not sure if this problem has been worked on and is this the reason why
>> Firebird is not on the list of supported databases under Eclipse's
>> Connection profile?
>> Or is it just that Eclipse and Firebird dont mix well?
>> Roman, Hellen, anyone?

Mark Rotteveel