Subject Re: Using Firebird on Eclipse Ganymede Datatools
Author Rocky Castaneda
Is there hope for Jaybird to co-exist with other similar technologies
in the future? or is Firebird enthusiasts a dying breed?

Enlighten me.


--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> > I haven't used it, but I would not expect there to be any real problems, since a similar functionality (I think) works fine in Netbeans 6.5.
> >
> > If I have time I'll check it out this evening or tomorrow.
> >
> > The reason it is not under 'supported databases' is probably because no one took the effort to test it thoroughly.
> No, there is a bigger issue there. Ganymede cannot work with databases
> which do not support schemas. And Firebird does not. I have created a
> plugin for Eclipse Europa which supported Firebird, but it was not
> finished. I have a pricipal agreement from DTP team to take the code
> into DTP trunk, but I do not have time to update the code to be Galileo
> compatible.
> If somebody wants to take care of the code, I can give it (or commit
> into our repository).
> Roman