Subject Re: Query returning incorrect data
Author phil_hhn
--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> I suspect this is not a bug, but some inconsistency because of unicode
> use... What is your JDBC URL/connection properties for Jaybird?

We use DriverManager.getConnection('our connection string', props),
where props contains:
props.put("user", aUsername);
props.put("password", aPassword);
props.put("encoding", "UNICODE_FSS");
props.put("charSet", "UTF8");

That last property 'charSet' seems out of place to be setting it to
'UTF8', but that seemed to be the only thing that worked for us
(props.put("charSet", "UNICODE_FSS") didn't work correctly)... and all
our 'normal' queries work just fine !?!

> Also you can try
> select (case when status=1 then _UNICODE_FSS 'Yes' else _UNICODE_FSS
> 'No' end) as FlagStr from mytable

Unfortunately that did not work...