Subject Re: Embedded FB on Windows - using Java - help appreciated.
Author plinehan
"plinehan" <plinehan@...> wrote:

<Saga about getting Firebird embedded to
work on Windows deleted!>

After much gnashing of teeth, swearing and cursing,
sweat, blood, toil & tears, I appear to have finally
got to the bottom of this fiasco!

I changed the database server from the 2.11 to 1.55
and now I'm getting a response from the server - I can
select all of the employees last names.

It appears to be a database server problem, in that
I haven't changed the Jaybird jar, just the
db server.

What was really annoying also was that I downloaded
the embedded 2.04 version and tried hooking that up
and got and ODS error - fine, I thought, I'll just
download the zipped 2.04 server and move the
sample db to my D:\Test1 dir. Imagine my surprise,
not to say delight, when (after much searching!) I
found that 2.04 doesn't have a sample Employee db
included in the dowload.

I will report this if people here think it's worthwhile.

It is a shame though - I could imagine a scenario
whereby somebody who downloaded the whole shebang that
I did would just have given up!

Here's one for you Roman - interestingly what gave me
the clue was in the error message
java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to initilize Jaybird
native library. This is most likley due to a failure to
load the firebird client library.

Note the misspelling "likley" - so I was going
to change the Jaybird stuff, but I changed the db
first and hey presto - it's working!!!!

Thanks for the help - however, I think that somebody
somewhere should look at why this failure is
occurring - if it happened to me, it could easily
happen to others!