Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Xythos server Firebird install failing: unsuccessfulmetadataupdate GDS exception
Author David Brown
Hello Roman, thanks for the speedy and informative reply. That worked. Now, the server install I'm trying to connect to firebird complains that the newly created DB has been created in the so-called Global Schema. And, that it should be created in it's own database schema (verbatim). At: the reference says: CREATE {DATABASE | SCHEMA} so is a DATABASE the same as a SCHEMA? How to make this installer happy with firebird? Please advise, David

Roman Rokytskyy wrote ..
> > Hello Roman, thank for the speedy and informative reply. I don't know how to
> implement solution a) so I steadily increased the following firebird.conf file
> setting using the KB to bytes conversion table at the bottom of: firebird.conf
> until I reached the max. The install.log snippet also follows. TIA and please advise,
> David.
> Wrong. Cache has nothing to do here - please set it to its default
> value. You have to specify the database page size. If you create
> database via isql it looks like this:
> CREATE DATABASE 'localhost:c:/path/to/db.fdb'
> USER 'sysdba'
> PASSWORD 'masterkey'
> PAGE_SIZE 16384;
> Roman
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