Subject Re: Database replication with Firebird
Author meenarajvaidya
Thanks for your response, I checked some third party tool available,
however I am not sure about them,how about FBReplicator or FiBRE?
They are open source but no good documentation available for me to
proceed. I would appreciate if I can get an Idea about where to start
and feasibility of using them in my circumstances.
Thanks in advance
--- In, Roman Rokytskyy
<rrokytskyy@...> wrote:
> > I need to perform real time database replication from one server
to another server on different Events on the server's Database,
however I am new to Firebird and Jaybird, so I am not sure if it is
feasible with Firebird only or I would be needing any third party
tool for that, or should I consider Java for database replication or
if I can write some triggers or procedures on Firebird to do that.
Requirement is to update real time data from one server to another
using Server push.
> At the moment there is no possibility to have "server push" with
> Firebird. Neither stored procedures nor something in Java will
allow you
> to push changes to another DB. OK, it is possible to create some
> that would open connection to another database and execute some
> statements, but there is no transactional control over this beast -
> you rollback your master transaction, changes are still committed
in slave.
> You can consider some replication software like Daffodil Replicator
> (should work with Firebird/Jaybird combo) or Sequoia clustering
> technology (former C-JDBC). Latter gives you transactional safety -
> changes either are written into both DBs or are not written at all.
> Roman