Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] CPU utilization with org.firebirdsql.pool.FBWrappingDataSource
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>> I've a multi-threaded socket server which handles one client per thread
>> and inserts data into a Firebird 2.0.3 database.
>> I want to use the JayBird built-in connection pooling facility by using
>> org.firebirdsql.pool.FBWrappingDataSource. When doing this, CPU
>> utilization of my socket server application constantly stays on 50%
>> after the first connection has been obtained from the pool.
>> ...
>> Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
> Short answer - no.
> Long answer would be to use some profiling software and check where the
> most time is spent in. One issue might be that for some reason your user
> name, password, database path, etc is not correctly configured and pool
> gets exception while trying to get a connection. In this case it will
> retry and retry and retry...

This won't be the case, because I can connect to the database with th
socket app just fine.

Other extreme part is that your 50% time
> are simply needed for your normal work.

Don't think so either, because when replacing connection pooling with a
"regular" connection mechanism, CPU utilizations drops down to zero.

Might it be related to some kind of checking with the idle timeout of
the connection pool?

Thanks again for your help.