Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Database URL and database alias
Author Mr. Richard Tomkins
Thank you for the information.

If I follow, does that mean that @prefix@ is a variable
for the build? I do not have enough knowledge to have figured this
out on my own and it didn't fit what I knew about C or BASIC.

I did do the long path thing and it worked and then did the alias thing.

I did not understand a lot of this so I was wondering.

Regards, Richard

On 3-Dec-08, at 9:43 AM, Paul Beach wrote:

> >> > I just found aliases.conf, what is @prefix@?
> Hmm looks like there is an issue with the
> build process. @prefix@ should come from AFAIR
> and be /opt/firebird or whatever. However because We build
> Firebird on MacOSX as a Framework, then this is somewhat
> irrelevant.... perhaps I should look at how I should
> set up the database path for employee.fdb for aliases.conf in the
> build... Mind you its a minor issue....
> All this user has to do is replace @prefix@ with
> a valid path to employee.fdb which should be something like..
> /Library/Frameworks/Firebird.frameork/Resources/examples/empbuild/
> employee.fdb
> And he should be able to connect to the example database...
> Anyway now fixed in B2_0_Release, B2_1_Release and Head
> Paul
> Paul Beach
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