Subject Re: (newbie) Embedding firebird in a java app via jaybird(?)
Author judlian23
Is there a way to use FBManager to specify the page size?

Also, is there a place I can find an API for FBManager? I've looked
in a lot of places including the jaybird wiki site, and I can't find much.

It's been a little frustrating to find manuals or documentation for

Please help.


--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> > The install was fairly easy as you said. I'm not done, however. I
> > was trying to figure out how to connect to the database, so I
> > specified a path to the database figuring that if it didn't exist
> > firebird would create the database file for me like some of the other
> > embedded apps I've used. This did not seem to be the case.
> Correct.
> > Do I have to go through isql to create a database? Is there there a
> > more transparent/embedded method?
> Yes, there is class, you can
> database with it.
> FBManager manager = new FBManager("EMBEDDED");
> manager.start();
> manager.createDatabase("/path/to/your/db.fdb", null, null);
> manager.stop();
> The last two parameters are user name and password. If FBManager has
> problems with nulls there, put some dummy values (and report a bug
> NullPointerException into the tracker).
> As to the manageability. Jaybird provides classes for most database
> management operations, including creating and dropping databases,
> and restore, property management (e.g. set read only, run sweep, etc.).
> Usually these operations require more application-related knowledge and
> cannot be handled automatically for all cases, that is why we provide
> methods to do operations, but not do them ourselves.
> Roman