Subject Re: Is there a way to specify size of cache and how much memory fb can use?
Author judlian23
Thanks, I found the parameter you were talking about.

One more question: Do you know what events would cause my java app to
use more memory than I allow the JVM? If my database ever gets very
very large, is there a chance my app would crash (I assume the index
is stored in memory)?

--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> > I didn't see anything mentioned in the manuals, but is there a way to
> > set the size of the db's cache?
> Sure, check the firebird.conf, the DefaultDbCachePages parameter.
> You can override this setting on per database mode for Classic
Server by
> specifying the num_buffers connection parameter in JDBC (or was it
> set_page_buffers?). For SuperServer the value is on per-server basis.
> > Is there also a way to set the amount
> > of main memory firebird uses?
> That is the cache and TempCacheLimit parameters. Not sure if that
can be
> overriden via JDBC connection parameters.
> > I've been setting the JVM's max heap
> > memory size, but it won't prevent firebird from trying to use more
> > than that.
> If you run Firebird as a server, Java heap won't be used anyway - those
> are two different processes. In the embedded mode that does not work
> either, since fbembed.dll/.so also use different memory managers. So
> only friend is the firebird.conf
> Roman