Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] charset with connection pool
Author Yves Glodt
On Sun 19 Oct 2008, Roman Rokytskyy wrote:
> > since I use the connection pool (before I made the connection
> > myself in the servlet) I have the problem that accents and umlauts
> > are not shown correctly anymore, mostly because the connection
> > defaults to UTF-8, but my DB is ISO-8859-1.
> Connection defaults to NONE, but you're right, you have to specify
> the encoding in such case.
> > I tried adding "charset"
> charSet, not charset, it is case sensitive
> > and "encoding" parameters to my context.xml but
> > it does not seem to work.
> Should work. Did you specify the correct encoding name:

I tried adding charSet="ISO-8859-1" and encoding="ISO8859_1" to the
resource config in context.xml, with no effect...

Adding the encoding to the URL (like you suggested below), however
worked fine ! :-)

Thank you very much Roman,

> Also check whether you also set the correct encoding to your output
> stream.
> > Where can the connection charset be specified when using a
> > connection pool ?
> If you use the DBCP, you can pass it via JDBC URL:
> jdbc:firebirdsql:<host>/<port>:/path/to/db.fdb?encoding=UTF8
> Roman