Subject Re: Jaybird 2.1.2 released
Author javaguru_uk
Nice one!

Thanks a lot. I was looking at the previous driver for support for
returning and you have just released what I was looking for.


--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <rrokytskyy@...>
> Hi,
> I have just released Jaybird 2.1.2. It is a bugfix release that tagets
> two main issues:
> a) JDK 6.0 compatibility. There is a build for JDK 6.0. This means that
> all new methods are implemented, however the implementation is
trivial -
> it either throws an FBDriverNotCapableException or returns empty result
> sets (in DatabaseMetaData interface).
> b) Support for INSERT...RETURNING statements. This is fully supported.
> Best regards,
> Roman Rokytskyy
> P.S. At the moment I am working on complete implementation of the
> getGeneratedKeys(), after that beta of Jaybird 2.2 can be released -
> rest of planned features is already there.