Subject Re: Experienced Delphi-5/Firebird Developer would like to shift to Java/Firebird
Author roddiwalker
Hi Patil,

These posts show there is always many ways to do something in Java:
IDE: free Eclipse or Netbeans (or commercial Intelli J)
Application server: free JBoss or Glassfish or
Tomcat/Jetty/Resin+Spring (or commercial Websphere)
DB access: JDBC, Hibernate, iBatis.
Web frameworks: struts, stripes, grails, webwork, wicket ...
The staggering amount of choice (most of it open source) is one of
Java's greatest strengths - and also a weakness as it fragments the
developer community.

But if you are learning Java, my advice is to keep things simple as
possible: Netbeans (simpler to use "out of the box") and call your
Firebird SPs with JDBC (the simplest way of making DB calls from
Java), keeping the DB code seperate from the UI code.
This will give you an initial working application.
Then grow your application from there - start using advanced stuff
like Hibernate or Spring or J2EE.
But starting with these, without knowing the basics like JDBC, is
premature I think.

The alternative is using C# and .Net (*ducks*).
You'll have a comfortable development experience, untroubled to
choice since there is only The One True Way Blessed By Microsoft of
doing anything.
In fact you'll be a maverick for using Firebird not SQL Server :-)

Good luck :-)

--- In, "R. S. Patil"
<kpr.rspatil@...> wrote:
> Thanks tesanovic,
> > Try Netbeans. You can get it on It has really
> > GUI designer.
> >
> I visited the site and saw some screen casts looks promising.
> I have downloaded Netbeans and Jaybird just now and going
> to install it tomorrow. I have not worked with Java before
> so it will be hectic week for me. Can u suggest a good Mailing List
> for Java/Netbeans Newbies ?
> BTW have u tried to develop multi tier application with it ?
> I want to move business logic from FB SP to some middle tier.
> To start with, I have chosen JBoss and Hibernate to
> make application Back-end independent.
> Can I develop SDI Desktop Database application with it,
> as I have done with delphi till date ?
> Thanks and Best Regards.
> R. S. Patil