Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Experienced Delphi-5/Firebird Developer would like to shift to Java/Firebird
Author Christian Stengel

> BTW have u tried to develop multi tier application with it ?
> I want to move business logic from FB SP to some middle tier.
> To start with, I have chosen JBoss and Hibernate to
> make application Back-end independent.
I would suggest that you use other components if you never did
anything with JAVA before. J2EE is not a good way to start it.
Concider using hibernate as a your database layer and glue your
business objects using the spring framwork running in tomcat. That's a
lot easier, more testable and less error prone.
> Can I develop SDI Desktop Database application with it,
> as I have done with delphi till date ?

SDI is not related to multi tire database programming at all - it is a
way how to organize your windows. In my opinion JAVA is not very
efficent when developing clients. If you really want to develop client
applications using JAVA use Eclipse and SWT as your GUI elements.

JAVA is really powerful when developing WEB applications. For RAD
development of WEB apps you might consider grails:
- that's RAILS for java :) - but no GUI.

In my opinion - there are no RAD tools for JAVA - Eclipse is good -
but it's definitly not RAD. I have only seen Netbeans once - it is
more RAD - but it's not delphi :)

Just my 2ct,