Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Firebird performance
Author Gabriel Real
I don't know how to help you, but I'm curious...
Have you ever tryied this test with any other database like MySQL, SQL
Server Express? Wouldn't it happen the same about de consuming CPU?



2007/6/29, ferry_new2004 <ferry2004@...>:
> Hello everybody,
> I am a newbie firebird user. I am wondering about how to tune
> firebird database up. In my testing, I use two java batch programs to
> do select/insert/update process repeatedly (each program will create
> 1000 records) just to test the response time. The testing is done with :
> - FirebirdSS-
> - LINUX mandrake 10.2
> - The machine specification is Pentium IV 1,8Ghz and memory 256MB
> (acting as database server, while the java programs resides on another
> computer, th lan connection bandwidth is 100MBps).
> - Isolation level of transaction is REPEATABLE READ
> - Database record number is only about 17000 records.
> - No blob (binary large object) field used
> When the testing was running, I noticed that firebird consumed CPU
> Time (about 90%). At this condition, if another program tried to do
> the same thing, the response time dropped significantly (3-4 times
> slower).
> In my opinion this is because the CPU Usage of firebird.
> I am wondering whether there are tips and tricks to reduced the CPU
> Time so that more java batch program can concurently run ( I assumed
> the condition as the busiest condition).
> Confusing with the problem, I also tested the same system on different
> machine (Pentium IV 2,4 GHz and memory 512MB). Unfortunately, the CPU
> usage was still about 90% which was consumed by the firebird. ( I used
> 'top' command to monitor the CPU usage). :(
> I tried to reduce the transaction isolation to be READ COMMITED (the
> shallowest one of firebird) but it only reduced by about 10% - 15%, it
> means the CPU usage of firebird was still about 70%-80%.
> It seems to me that the better machine specification used (Pentium IV
> 2,4 GHz and memory 512MB) did not reduce the CPU Usage of firebird
> process. :(
> Does anyone have any idea to tune firebird database up ? :)
> Thank you & Regards,
> Ferry

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