Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Setting up JDBC driver in Glassfish server
Author Roman Rokytskyy

Sorry for late response, I did not have Internet access last few days.

> Does anybody know how can I cofigure Glassfish server to use JayBird
> in pool mode?
> I use ApplicationServerDataSource class, properties: user,
> databaseName, password. Ping is successfull.
> When I try to use dataSource in application, there is an error in
> method invoke (exception in getClientInfo() method). DataSource is not
> null, but I cannot get the connection. I use getConnection(dataSource),
> getConnection(dataSource, userName, password) - in both situations
> there is an exception.
> What is wrong?

Jaybird is not yet Java 6.0 (read JDBC 4.0) compliant and does not
support the method getClientInfo().

See also, it is written
there that when one uses FBSimpleDataSource, everything works as
expected (though I can't say why).