Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] How to reate a database with different PAGE_SIZE on-the-fly
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi Helen,

> You must make sure you send isc_detach_database() calls for all
> databases your app is currently connected to. This should set the
> database handle[s] to null. Perhaps your driver is somehow retaining
> database handles?

I'll check it, but I doubt.

> Once the database handle you want to use is NULL, you can call
> isc_dsql_immediate() or isc_dsql_immed2() with your CREATE DATABASE
> string in parameter 5 (including the PAGE_SIZE attribute). If the
> operation succeeds, you will be connected to the new database and its
> handle will no longer be null.

This very likely would work when we use fbclient.dll, but it definitely
does not work when I use our wire protocol implementation. Issue is that
I have to connect to server (i.e. open socket) and then send some op_XXX
operation. I could not decypher what to send (but frankly speaking I did
not spend much time on the issue either, very likely I have to dump the
network communication between isql and FB and check it again).