Subject Re: JDBC 2.1.1 and Coldfusion MX 7
Author rockxwre
Hi Mike,

Haven't tried it in MX 7 but in MX 6 you could do the following:

- copy the necessary jars (jaybird-full-2.1.0.jar and maybe more) to
\CFusionMX\wwwroot\WEB-INF\lib folder;
- restart ColdFusion;
- go to the ColdFusion Administrator;
- go to Datasources;
- fill in a Data Source Name, choose the Driver "other" and
click "Add";
- a new form appears, fill in JDBC URL, this is something like:
- fill in the Driver Class: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver;
- fill in the Username and Password fields;
- click "Submit";
- check if it works by using the Verify button.


Since there are no big differences on this part in MX 7, I expect
this should work for you too.


--- In, "Mike Hickman" <mikehi@...>
> Does anyone have any experience using the Driver with Coldfusion
MX 7 ?
> I am testing Coldfusion Developer edition for use with Firebird 1.5
> database's.
> How do I create a datasource or make available a Firebird database
> a Coldfusion Server?
> I have not used drivers in the past so I have no clue as to where
> start.
> I have downloaded the drivers. What do I do next ?
> Assistance/hints appreciated