Subject Re: Several novice type questions re Jaybird and Debian
Author Peter Welch

Thank you for your quick reply and, of course, for your hard work
developing Jaybird.

I presume that I'd like to use the new optimized wire protocol. I
haven't seen a specific discussion about it, though.

Regarding the XML file, it's the Rhapsody Interface/Integration
engine (from Orion Health) that requires it. What it does with the
XML, I don't know. I'm assuming that it parses out the database
connection and SQL elements and passes them along to any JDBC
compliant driver. So, probably my question should have omitted any
reference to XML. Is the JDBC driver exposed to any calling
application by virtue of either the .so being in the linux sbin path,
or jar file in the java classpath? IOW, if the calling application
knows how to talk to a JDBC driver, it needs to supply certain
elements like socket info to connect to the database, SQL statement
to do something with the database, etc., and also the JDBC driver
needs to be there waiting for a request.

Sorry if my questions are confusing, but I don't quite know what to

Anyway, tomorrow I'll do some testing with the DriverExample.Java.

Thanks again,


--- In, Roman Rokytskyy
<rrokytskyy@...> wrote:
> > 1) What more do I need to do on the Linux side to make sure that
> > Jaybird is up and running?
> You need only if you want to connect to Firebird
> alpha using new optimized wire protocol. If that is not the case,
> can use pure Java implementation, that is you need only
> jaybird-full-2.1.1.jar in your classpath.
> > 2) How do I structure the stored procedure call statement in the
> > file -- that is, what is the syntax for calling a Firebird stored
> > procedure with input and output parameters in XML?
> Huh? Jaybird does not parse the XML files. However it supports the
> escaped syntaxt, which is
> {call my_proc ?, ?, ...}
> or use normal SQL:
> EXECUTE PROCEDURE my_proc(?, ?, ...)
> > 3) Are there any simple test programs, either windows or linux,
> > test the JDBC driver and perhaps the XML calling file?
> You can use, only correct the path to the
database to
> which you want to connect.
> Roman