Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] reuse of connection after failure.
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I have included <check-valid-connection-sql> in my data source definitions but it seems that these are not being applied. I noticed that the connection pool defines pingSql instead.

Please post your configuration here.

> When I have an error on the connection I get a failure on subsequent connections, The stack trace generated for the exception in the Rollback that I do when the subsequent error occurs, states that I cannot close a connection with active connections. Huh?? It looks link the temporary connection generated to deal with the XA semantics is failing and this causes the problem. I am assuming that this temporary connection is taken form the connection pool as well.

Please also post the complete stack trace, so we can see where it happens.

> I have hard coded the new defaults I require for pingsql and idleTime into the connection pool. I am currently testing to see if these solve most of my problems. I would however like to know how to set these( pingSql and idleTime) in the datasource file using xml.

Hmmmm... what connection pool do you use?

> If testing currently proves that the error is due to reusing a connection that has failed. And that the connection is reused by the pool continually even though it fails immediately, should I log this as a bug ?

Let's first check where the problem is, then we will know whether it is
our bug or not.