Subject Re: Batch Update and Blobs
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> Note: If I just insert the id and name (no Blob) it works...

It would also work if you use PreparedStatement.setBytes(...) method.

> I read in the Jaybird FAQ that the driver dosn't support Batch
> Updates.

Mistake in FAQ. Batch updates are supported for few years already.

> Can somebody tell me if you plan to implement or allready working
> on...
> java.sql.PreparedStatement:
> addBatch(String sql)
> clearBatch()
> executeBatch()
> ...and if so when (in which release) it will be available?

In general these methods work.

I did not implement batching of BinaryStream because of unclear
situation how to handle the stream in that case. The current code for
the batch updates caches all byte data in memory. To make binary
stream fit this pattern one would need to fetch the stream into memory
first, which in general is not acceptable. It is clear that this part
requires some refactoring.

In the meantime, please create a small test case for Hibernate and
send it to me directly (best to roman at, I will check
if there is a workaround that would allow you to solve the issue.