Subject Re: Problem using service API to run a remote backup
Author phil_hhn
--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <rrokytskyy@...>
> >> If it turns out that your Firebird 1.5 CS does not support backup
> >> services
> > It does via gbak but not via the JDBC driver
> You mean, that gbak from FB 2.0 can use Services API to do the job?
> Hmmm... then this is some kind of a bug in Jaybird.
> Can you install packet capturing software (e.g. Ethereal) on your
> and dump the communication between Jaybird and FB 1.5 CS and then
> between gbak with -se switch and FB 1.5 CS?
> Roman

Just to clarify:

Running gbak with service manager parameter (-se), connecting to the
Classic Server on the Mac, fails to back up the datafile.
In fact, the command just exits with no error or message.
Removing the -se parameter, the backup works.

All the documentation says that the Service Manager is available in
the Classic Server from 1.5.1.
So, is there something else that needs to be configured at the server
end to get this to work?