Subject Re: Problem using service API to run a remote backup
Author phil_hhn
--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <rrokytskyy@...>
> If it turns out that your Firebird 1.5 CS does not support backup via
> services
It does via gbak but not via the JDBC driver

>, you have to think about other strategies. I see two of them:
> - use Firebird 1.5 SS (if backup via Services works there);
We don't want to use SS on the mac because security is so different
(all tables have to be created by our own user, rather than
'sysdba'... or something like that, meaning we'd have to rebuild all
our customer DBs... sorry I'm not our expert in that area, so probably
didn't explain well)

> - install gbak (and fbclient, you don't need full Firebird installation
> on the client) on each workplace and invoke it from Java.
Trouble is, if you use gbak then you can see parameters (eg name and
password) in your process list (eg on the mac) - not very secure. We
had this issue under linux so we compiled gbak from source so we could
provide the parameters by different means than on the command-line...
so I guess we could do the same with the mac...

Thanks v. much for your suggestions