Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Insert ... returning ...
Author Adilson Ricardo Fernandes

I tested with new "Firebird 2.0.1 (RC1)" and the error persists...
Did you receive the test case that I sent to private e-mail?



> Adilson Ricardo Fernandes escreveu:
>> Roman Rokytskyy escreveu:
>>> Hi,
>>>> I suspect that, in the fixing the "insert...returning..." problem,
>>>> was introduced a new problem.
>>>> The query below works properly in ISQL and in version 2.1 of
>>>> JayBird, but in version on the CVS causes the exception "GDS
>>>> Exception. 335544583. SQLDA missing or incorrect version, or
>>>> incorrect number/type of variables"...
>>> Interesting. Do you have a test case for me (I need your database
>>> schema, but not the data)?
>> I sent a test case for you, in private e-mail...