Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] what about the hibernate and firebird dialect ?
Author Sorin Silaghi
I was just about to do that:

select this_.ID as ID10_2_, this_.XVERSION as XVERSION10_2_,
this_.BENUTZER_ROLLE as BENUTZER3_10_2_, this_.SPRACHE as SPRACHE10_2_,
this_.ACCOUNT as ACCOUNT10_2_, this_.PASSWD as PASSWD10_2_, this_.REAL_NAME
as REAL7_10_2_, this_.HOME as HOME10_2_, this_.E_MAIL as E9_10_2_,
this_.TELEFON1 as TELEFON10_10_2_, this_.TELEFON2 as TELEFON11_10_2_,
this_.TELEFON3 as TELEFON12_10_2_, this_.TELEFON4 as TELEFON13_10_2_,
this_.BRIEF_ANREDE as BRIEF14_10_2_, this_.BRIEF_GRUSS as BRIEF15_10_2_,
this_.STANDARDDRUCKER as STANDAR19_10_2_, this_.XORDER as XORDER10_2_,
this_.XDEL_JN as XDEL21_10_2_, this_.XINSERTED_AT as XINSERTED22_10_2_,
this_.XINSERTED_BY as XINSERTED23_10_2_, this_.XCHANGED_AT as
XCHANGED24_10_2_, this_.XCHANGED_BY as XCHANGED25_10_2_, benutzerro2_.ID as
ID12_0_, benutzerro2_.XVERSION as XVERSION12_0_, benutzerro2_.BEZ00 as
BEZ3_12_0_, benutzerro2_.BEZ01 as BEZ4_12_0_, benutzerro2_.BEZ02 as
BEZ5_12_0_, benutzerro2_.BEZ03 as BEZ6_12_0_, benutzerro2_.BEZ04 as
BEZ7_12_0_, benutzerro2_.BEZ05 as BEZ8_12_0_, benutzerro2_.ADMIN_JN as
ADMIN9_12_0_, benutzerro2_.READONLY_JN as READONLY10_12_0_,
benutzerro2_.XORDER as XORDER12_0_, benutzerro2_.XDEL_JN as XDEL12_12_0_,
benutzerro2_.XINSERTED_AT as XINSERTED13_12_0_, benutzerro2_.XINSERTED_BY as
XINSERTED14_12_0_, benutzerro2_.XCHANGED_AT as XCHANGED15_12_0_,
benutzerro2_.XCHANGED_BY as XCHANGED16_12_0_, sprache3_.ID as ID81_1_,
sprache3_.XVERSION as XVERSION81_1_, sprache3_.NUMMER as NUMMER81_1_,
sprache3_.LOCALE as LOCALE81_1_, sprache3_.BEZ00 as BEZ5_81_1_,
sprache3_.BEZ01 as BEZ6_81_1_, sprache3_.BEZ02 as BEZ7_81_1_,
sprache3_.BEZ03 as BEZ8_81_1_, sprache3_.BEZ04 as BEZ9_81_1_,
sprache3_.BEZ05 as BEZ10_81_1_, sprache3_.XORDER as XORDER81_1_,
sprache3_.XDEL_JN as XDEL12_81_1_, sprache3_.XINSERTED_AT as
XINSERTED13_81_1_, sprache3_.XINSERTED_BY as XINSERTED14_81_1_,
sprache3_.XCHANGED_AT as XCHANGED15_81_1_, sprache3_.XCHANGED_BY as
XCHANGED16_81_1_ from OFAM.BENUTZER this_ inner join
OFAM.BENUTZER_ROLLEbenutzerro2_ on
this_.BENUTZER_ROLLE=benutzerro2_.ID inner join
OFAM.SPRACHE sprache3_ on this_.SPRACHE=sprache3_.ID where this_.ACCOUNT=?
and this_.XDEL_JN=?

that's the query... the character 2086 is the dot in "from OFAM.BENUTZER"..
any ideas ?

On 1/25/07, Roman Rokytskyy <rrokytskyy@...> wrote:
> > I am using hibernate to acces a firebird server and I get this
> > error at each query I run:
> >
> > 2007-01-25 15:35:14,737 ERROR org.hibernate.util.JDBCExceptionReporter
> > - GDS Exception. 335544569. Dynamic SQL Error
> > SQL error code = -104
> > Token unknown - line 1, column 2086
> >
> > I saw somewhere that error 104 has something to do with firebirds
> > dialect... the server is set to dialect 3 ... do I need to specify
> > this in any way to hibernate ???
> Please post the SQL query here.
> The error code -104 does not bring a lot of information - it is very
> generic one, at least there are 14 different situations where it happens.
> Roman

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