Subject Re: Firebird & Java on iPAQ
Author netotortorello
> I am shocked it's not there. I asked about J2ME back in 03, but went a
> diff direction with the application and etc. So did not have time to
> help develop the J2ME aspects of Jaybird.

I can help testing, if needed.

> No, it's not. The javax.resource.Referenceable is part of
mini-j2ee.jar, but
> not javax.naming.*. You have to look for the standalone JNDI classes
for it
> (e.g. extract them from the rt.jar).

I made a test extracting javax.naming from rt.jar, uploading it to ppc
and adding it to app classpath, but the exception is the same:
NoClassDefFoundError: javax.naming.Referenceable.

May be I have to extract something else?


Victor Tortorello Neto