Subject Re: Special unicode characters in connection string problem
Author venushau
Thank you for your help, Roman.

I've got some more testing on Firebird 2.0 RC4 and Jaybird 2.0 / 2.1
based on the use of encoding=UNICODE_FSS.

When I tried to insert a record using Firebird super server and Jaybird
2.1, I can perform a query to retrieve the record correctly (with /
without a where clause are both ok).

However, when I tried to connect the Firebird embedded server using
Jaybird 2.1, I can insert the record and retrieve the record
using "SELECT *" query, but unable to retrieve the record if the same
where clause is applied. (This is the same when using the connection
string : jdbc:firebirdsql:native:localhost:).

Afterwards, I tried to query the record with a where clause again, the
records that are inserted using super server are retrieved, but those
inserted using embedded server ain't return. This happens to be the
same when using FB super server and embedded server.

The above works for the same testing using Jaybird 2.0 and same
Firebird super / embedded server.
Hope this help.