Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] JayBird and
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> So perhaps this is a OOo issue after all. I'll have to report this to
> the openoffice-dba team and push for more QA with Firdbird
> connectivity.

They have to check the chapter 10.1 "Transaction Boundaries and Autocommit",
especially following part:

"For Select statements, the statement is complete when the associated result
set is
closed. The result set is closed as soon as one of the following occurs:
- all of the rows have been retrieved
- the associated Statement object is re-executed
- another Statement object is executed on the same connection"

The last part seems to be ignored by them - they create two queries, one to
get the column information (SELECT * FROM someTable WHERE 0 = 1) and then a
prepared statement with a query with updatable result set. However, they
process the result set of the first query _after_ they execute that prepared
statement. That is why you get "Result set is closed" error.

> In the meantime, is there a specific version of JayBird I should use
> (snapshot)?

I will commit code to the CVS today or tomorrow.